YuutaW dn42 Peering

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Peering Process

  1. You: Register and verify your ASN.
  2. You: Add a peer and submit your info.
  3. We: Validate your info automatically.
  4. We: If nothing goes wrong, we will automatically connect your endpoint.
  5. You: Update your configuration to peer with us.
  6. We: Constantly check your connection.
  7. If you decided to stop peering with us, just login and delete your connection. We will stop connecting with you. The whole process is automated.

Peering Policy

  1. DN42 IPv4 is mandatory.
  2. Publicly reachable endpoint is optional.
  3. WireGuard only.
  4. Each ASN may only establish one peer with each individual node.

Start peering today!

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  3. Start peering by Creating a Peer.